Made in Colombia!

We are a modern and innovative brand, dedicated to making the women who wear our jewelry and accessories even more beautiful. All designs are handmade in Colombia by single moms and jewelers who are experts in the art of goldsmithing.

The brand was born in 2005 when Carolina was studying Social Communication at the Javeriana University in Bogotá, Colombia. She started making some necklaces for herself and all her friends and family asked her to sell them the accessories she made.

For several years, the business was a hobby because the designer was focused on her professional career but since 2017 she decided to dedicate herself to her big dream: her business.

Carolina loves to experiment with new techniques and materials to be always at the forefront of the market and thus offer a different and exclusive proposal of jewelry and accessories for women such as rings, earrings, necklaces, key chains, bracelets and some accessories to use in the hair as balaclavas and buckles.

In our hand-woven products we work with materials such as miyuki (Japanese crystal), mustards , beads, murano crystals, natural pearls, semi-precious stones such as rose quartz, turquoise, coral, amethysts, jade and techniques such as crochet, loom, macramé, peyote fabric, among others.

In our products with gilding we work all the pieces in a handcrafted way in bronze with a double 24 carat gold bath. We also make some pieces in bronze with silver 950 bath.
We always seek to innovate, taking into account that no woman is the same as another, therefore, we must have “An accessory for every style”.

Today, Carolina Salazar Accesorios® has several national distributors that sell their products to their social circle, in social networks or in different boutiques. We have distributors in more than 14 countries such as: Australia, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, United States,
El Salvador, France, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic and Switzerland.

We have participated in important fashion and entrepreneurship events at a national level.

Social Sense

We believe in national talent. All our jewelry and accessories are handcrafted in Colombia. All our fabrics are made by mothers who are heads of families

Versatility and innovation

We are inspired by nature, animals and geometrical figures. The irregular shapes, colors and textures allow us to create unique, exclusive and ideal designs for every occasion.


Every jewel is the same as every woman is unique. We do not manufacture thousands of pieces in series, we like to work each piece with dedication and create limited units of each design.

Materials and quality

We work in 24 carat gold plated bronze, natural pearls, semi precious stones, murano crystals and different materials of excellent quality.


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